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Geopoly's Daily Missions
are available now!

We are pleased to announce that Geopoly’s Daily Missions are now live! Players can now access the game every day and find a new mission to achieve to win a daily reward.


Starting on Wednesday, October 26th at 00:00 UTC, Geopoly will allow its players the opportunity to win additional in-game rewards by completing a daily mission.

There will be a total of 7 missions per week. Every day a new challenge will be assigned at 00:00 UTC, each with a different prize. These rewards will be more attractive as you achieve your daily mission.

Once you complete a mission, the next one will be available the following day you log in. This means that if the player accesses the game on Wednesday (Day 1) and then returns on Friday, the latter will be considered as Day 2, so a second mission will be assigned.


This new update will affect the way you earn in Geopoly. You must complete 5 of the 7 missions to become eligible and receive your GEO$ every Thursday. Please remember that you will need to achieve these tasks every week, starting on Wednesday, October 26th, to receive your GEO$ on Thursday, November 3rd.

Every Wednesday at 00:00 UTC, missions will change, and the week restarts.

More exciting news are coming soon for our holders, so be sure to follow along on Telegram and Twitter for the most relevant updates.


  • Day 1: 250k Geopoly cash.
  • Day 2: 25 gold.
  • Day 3: 2 armored trucks.
  • Day 4: 750k Geopoly cash.
  • Day 5: 50 gold.
  • Day 6: 5 armored trucks.
  • Day 7: 75 gold.

We aim to introduce new features and updates to the game that are exciting for our players, to also attract new gamers and increase our active users. We hope you enjoy this new challenge and have fun with the Daily Missions.

Playing Geopoly is rewarded. Win more with the Geopoly Daily Missions!

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