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The global gaming industry is now worth more than $300 billion with around 2.9 billion players active worldwide. Impressive, isn’t it? However, as with any booming industry, looking to the future and being prepared is the key to sustainability and growth. 

Although traditional gaming still dominates the scene, there is no denying that games witch simply rewards players with achievement points and items that hold no value are missing something. That’s where Web3 gaming comes into play. Games that allow players to earn real money by buying, selling, or trading NFTs are on the rise. And because NFTs can represent anything from in-game items to digital art, the potential applications are limitless. This brings us to a Web3 company that is not only scratching the surface of these possibilities but deep diving into it with entrepreneurial vision, a LIVE product, an impressive team, and an all-star roster of investors/backers. 


With more than 10 years of experience in the Web2 space, Geopoly has its eyes set on dominating Web3 to become the world’s largest capitalist metaverse. This geolocation real estate simulator allows users to rent, buy, upgrade, and sell real-life businesses worldwide. Taking after popular games like Sim-city, Monopoly, and Pokemon Go, Geopoly is strategic, entertaining, and highly educational while being set in a multiplayer competitive world. 

Currently available on Android, iOS, MAC OS & PC, Geopoly creates a fun and innovative experience based on real-world data interacting on two different layers, both in an Off-chain and On-chain economy.


GEO$ are the tokens that will be bought, traded, used, and spent, on the Geopoly web + On-chain layer. NFT holders can generate GEO$ by completing 5 daily missions a week, as the core game mechanic. 

There are two types of NFTs within the game. Special and Iconic Locations as well as Ownership Certificates. Both of these are representations of real-life businesses and locations that actually exist in the physical world. Users can own an NFT version of a location or business that is close to home and close to their hearts. Special and Iconic locations are pre-minted NFTs that any player can purchase and generate GEO$ with. 

The second type of NFTs are Ownership Certificates. These NFTs will be minted on request by players. These NFTs will be owned wholly, perpetually by the player, and only the player will decide their use. The holders of these NFTs will earn GEO$ through playing the game. 


The “Business Objectives” section of the game is used as a method of education about the game. These are divided into different incremental stages (Entrepreneur, Start-Up, SMB, Corporation, Internacional Corp, and Global Empire). Currently, the first two stages are available, while the last four stages will be released soon. Each one has a list of objectives that players can complete, winning themselves rewards that help them through the conversion process. 

Geopoly is a user-friendly, well-developed, and thriving Web3 game that aims to entertain, educate, and reward each player for their time and commitment. If you haven’t tried it, now’s the time! Even a zero can become a real-estate hero in Geopoly. Give it a try today!


During its brief soft launch in 2019, Geopoly was recognized as one of the most innovated Latam Developments by the Apple Latam Publishing team.

In addition to this, Geopoly was selected by Google to participate in the Indie Games Accelerator 2019 edition from over 1700 applicants across 37 countries. 


Geopoly has a long, laborious, and exciting journey ahead, the project’s value and vision are a forecast of the future of the gaming industry. The world is in desperate need of new methods of growth, new pathways for success, and fresh ways of doing business.

Learn & Earn for being part of the building phase!

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