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The Rich History of Widow Games:
The Creative Minds Behind Geopoly

In June of 2019, a startup mobile gaming venture from Buenos Aires, Argentina was selected by Google from over 1700 mobile app projects to join the 2019 Indie Games Accelerator program. Widow Games, led by CEO Martin Spinetto, was one of 30 projects chosen across 37 countries, joining a prestigious list of winners which includes Blyts, Avix Games, and Sandstorm Interactive. This achievement marked a milestone in Spinetto’s career, adding to a long list of accolades which include holding top positions as a Marketing Director at Microsoft LATAM and being selected by Forbes as one of Argentina’s most promising entrepreneurs in 2017.

A History of Success

Founded in 2012, Widow Games wasted no time in making a name for themselves by digitizing popular board games such as Ludo Adventure, Ruleta Turista Mundial, War Strategy, T.E.G., and others. Their success even allowed this Argentinian startup to expand across neighboring borders with a popular Brazilian game called “Jogos de Vida da Estrela”. Their first game release alone, Carrera de Mente Digital, has been downloaded over 250,000 times and initiated over 1.5 million games totaling more than 10 million total minutes played.

In total, the more than 15 mobile games developed by Widow Games have amassed an impressive following with over 1.5 million subscribers, with Geopoly poised to carry the torch and take this user base to new heights.

Widow Games vs. NFT Gaming: A Match Made in Metaverse Heaven

Though Geopoly is Widow Games’ maiden project into the world of NFT gaming, it is by no means a new game for many of Widow’s subscribers. Prior to creating the play-to-earn version, Geopoly found great success as a free-to-play app available for both iOS and Android devices. It boasts over 10,000 downloads and has earned an average of 4.9/5 star reviews across the board by players with an inclination for business-oriented gaming ecosystems.

The transition towards creating a play-to-earn Geopoly was seamless and well received by the Widow community as the GameFi market grew by leaps and bounds in 2021, creating a new wave of excitement at the prospect of earning money while playing video games. Geopoly capitalized on this momentum, leveraging their off-chain ecosystem and combining it with an on-chain version that allows players to purchase digital ownership of real-world locations and businesses and earn a portion of the revenue they generate in the Geopoly Metaverse.

Industry Leaders Have Taken Notice

Widow Games’ large number of past and current successful ventures has garnered the attention and support of top-tier VCs across DeFi and beyond. Investors such as GD10 Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, OIG and many others have all given Geopoly and the team behind it their stamp of approval. Widow Games has also partnered with the likes of Seedify, NFTPad, Enjinstarter and more to serve as the launchpads for the public sale of GEO$ tokens. These investors and partnerships have enabled Geopoly to raise the necessary capital to foster exponential community growth and set a trajectory that promotes a sustainable and profitable future for all investors. In addition to these partnerships, Widow Games has on-boarded Sebastien Borget, the COO of the popular gaming metaverse The Sandbox, as an advisor for Geopoly. It is becoming very clear that Geopoly has garnered the interests of the top stakeholders in the crypto world.

Join the Geopoly Metaverse Today!

Geopoly is the perfect game for players with competitive and business-minded instincts. Its first-ever on-chain and off-chain economic model presents users with unique opportunities to earn as they build their digital business from the ground up while exploring new territories around the globe to expand their empire. The team is poised to make Geopoly its biggest triumph yet and with their impressive list of credentials, that is an extraordinary accomplishment.

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