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What is Geopoly?

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Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users from all over the world to play the role of a real estate investor. If you’ve ever wanted to be investing in properties and earning a profit, but don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to use, Geopoly is the next best thing.

Purchasing businesses from all over the world is easy, and there are plenty of innovative ways to earn while playing — after all, the whole point of crypto gaming is to make money while having fun!

How the Game Works

Some of the most famous locations in the world can now be bought, sold, and even rented with our Geopoly game. To keep things simple, this is a real estate simulator with a bit of Tower Attack combat thrown into the mix (once PvP is completed).

You purchase locations and use them to generate more GEO$ tokens, which you can use to increase your influence in the Geopoly world. Eventually, you’ll have enough confidence to take on other players and steal their non-tokenized digital assets as well!

Earning Mechanics


Geopoly features two kinds of NFTs: Iconic and Special locations; these can be purchased by players and used to generate more GEO$. Special and Iconic Locations are pre-minted NFTs, but there are also unminted NFTs called “Ownership Certificates”.

When you purchase an Ownership Certificate and mint a new NFT, you have complete ownership and control over the property — only you can decide how they will be used (they also produce a passive income through GEO$ rewards). This means you have the unprecedented opportunity to own the digital version of businesses and landmarks across the globe, like the Eiffel Tower!

Buying & Selling

All of your NFT purchases will be made through our Geopoly game, but when it comes time to sell, you can choose to sell them to other players or use an external marketplace (like OpenSea, for example). When a property has raised in value, you can easily sell it for a profit!

Real Estate

Off-chain players have a chance to rent businesses from on-chain users through “contracts”. When you purchase a property on-chain, you’re minting an NFT that will be held by our Geopoly Central Bank (unless it’s an Ownership Contract). On-chain players who own property and rent to off-chain players through contracts will receive GEO$ tokens, whilst off-chain players will receive in-game rewards, like MC (Management Capacity) and soft cash (in-game cash), that can be used to invest in upgrades that generate XP, more MC and more soft cash.

We offer “Seasons” which are specific periods, and once a Season has ended, you will receive a certain number of GEO$ tokens according to how many NFTs you own (as well as the category and rarity).

When you’ve rented one of these NFTs to an off-chain user, you’ll earn even more, allowing you to generate a passive income in more ways than one!


Once it has been officially introduced, we strongly feel that PvP is going to be a main selling point of Geopoly. The real estate industry is a competitive one in real life, so it makes sense to introduce the likes of Player vs. Player and Leaderboards in our game.

You can use your in-game resources to hash out a plan of attack, and then take down your opponents one by one, collecting non-tokenized digital assets with every property conquered!

All in All — Geopoly Offers MANY Ways to Earn

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a property and can begin your investment journey, it’s merely a matter of how you choose to approach the game. The earning opportunities are endless in Geopoly!

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