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Are you the lucky owner of a Geopoly NFT? Now with our NFT viewer, you can check out the stats & 3D model/s of your business empire!

NFT Farming

Farming your Geopoly NFTs will earn you GEO SPINS that you can spend on the Wheel of Fortune and win amazing rewards!

Get Rewards

Use GEO SPINS in our wheel of fortune for a chance to win prizes such as Special Locations, NFTs and GEO$!​

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Why buy GEO$?

● Because you can Stake them with high APY
● Buy unique Geopoly´s NFTs of Real Business and Special Locations
● Acquire Spins and win special rewards in the Wheel-of-Fortune
● Participate in upcoming EXCLUSIVE Geopoly NFTs Auctions
● And because they will land in the Moon!!!