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Explore the map and find your next property!

Interactive market

GEOPOLY´s Interactive Marketplace and game are not supported my mobile browsers.

Please visit on desktop to mint World Cup Stadium Collection or click here to buy our available NFTs on Opensea.


Proud owner of a property in Geopoly? Check the stats and 3D model on our exclusive NFT Viewer.

Nft viewer

how to buy an NFT?

interactive marketplace

1- You will be able to browse the entire world looking for real Business and Special Locations to mint, without any limitation.

2- If you like one, just press the “Mint” button to start the process that will connect to your Metamask wallet.

3 – Remember that you will be able to pay in Matic or USDT. And once the minting is completed, you are all set!

Step by step Guide!

What are
Geopoly NFTs?

Geopoly NFTs are exclusive Businesses and Special Locations that will help you grow your real estate empire exponentially. Special Locations are preminted NFTs that can be purchased by any player inside the game and can be used to boost your general economy, while Businesses will be minted on request, granting you its full ownership.

Types of NFTs

How can you earn money with them?

You can make money by selling your upgraded and enriched NFTs. Due to the competition, the categories and tiers they hold, plus the improvements you apply to your Businesses, they can easily raise in value and be sold for a greater price. In addition, when the NFT is rented by an Off-Chain player, it will generate even more GEO$ Tokens passively for the owners, which will be useful to make upgrades and raise the value of your portfolio.

What are they for?

They are advantageous assets within the game. You can use them to enhance the value of your other Business depending on the Tier, Category, and Geolocation of your NFT. You will be able to rent them to Off-chain users, with the conditions stipulated beforehand by the NFT owner. And, as said previously, this will produce GEO$ Tokens passively for the owners, which can be used in the game for upgrades and increment the value of your holdings.

Special Locations

Categorized as Monuments and Landmarks. These Special Locations will boost the economy of the businesses based on their geolocation and tier.

Businesses NFTs

These NFTs will be minted on request by players. These NFTs will be owned fully, perpetually by the player, and only the player will decide their use. This Business will also generate income passively. 

NFTs Cards

how its works?

We present you a brief guide about our NFTs slots.

a geopoly
nft card?

Learn the most relevant info about geopoly’s NFT properties.

1. Categories:

The NFT Businesses will be sorted by category. There are 21 categories within the game currently, from Hot Dog Stands to Stadiums. Special Locations will be categorized as Monuments and Landmarks.

2. Geolocation:

The latitude and longitude will indicate where your NFT is on the globe. 

3. Street view:

You will be able to get a panoramic view of most of your NFTs in real-life on the map, see where it is located and what their surroundings are like. 

4. Tiers:

The tier range goes from 1 being the lowest to 4 as the highest rating. This will dictate the amount of influence the Special Locations will have when it comes to affecting the value of the other Businesses within the territory, so the highest the tier, the highest the yield farming. The tier can be modified by investing and upgrading the NFT permanently if the owner is the one making said improvements.

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Why buy GEO$?

● Because you can Stake them with high APY
● Buy unique Geopoly´s NFTs of Real Business and Special Locations
● Acquire Spins and win special rewards in the Wheel-of-Fortune
● Participate in upcoming EXCLUSIVE Geopoly NFTs Auctions
● And because they will land in the Moon!!!