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Our Secret to Success

We are proud to have assembled an esteemed list of partners, technology integrations, and venture capitals in the Web3 industry. To showcase them, we are launching a series of regular announcements that will feature their descriptions in the list below. Each week, we will add a new partner and shine a spotlight on this blog.

About Geopoly

As a team with over ten years of experience in the Web2 industry, we at Geopoly are determined to conquer the Web3 realm and become the world’s leading capitalist metaverse. 

With our real estate simulation game, players can rent, buy, upgrade, and sell businesses worldwide. Drawing inspiration from popular games like Si-city, Monopoly, and Pokemon Go, Geopoly combines strategy, fun, and education in multiplayer competition.

We currently offer this unique and innovative experience on Android, iOS, MAC OS, and PC, where real-world data blends seamlessly into both an off-chain and on-chain economy.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with Maketing10 to catalyze our global growth and audience reach!

Marketing10 is a subsidiary of GD10 Capital and offers marketing services to help empower our gaming community. This partnership is another step in Geopoly’s mission to lead Web2 gaming into a Web3 world. With this partnership, we aim to create a massive partner and affiliate network and take our game to a global audience. 

They have been marketing partners for start-ups in Web3, including,,,, and many more. 

Follow their Twitter account here.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about our strategic partnerships!

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● And because they will land in the Moon!!!